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Zach Saucier's thoughts

  • Proper usage of the picture element

    I know how to use the <img> element, but I’ve been hearing things about the upcoming <picture> element to be used for responsive images. The articles I’ve read on the subject are kind of mixed up about the usage of the <picture> element and I’d like to get some clarification.

    How is the <picture> element different from the <img> element? Should I always use it instead of the <img> element given that I want all of my sites to be responsive?

  • The responsive design primer

    Countless articles, many quite useful, have been written on the subject of responsive design since Ethan Marcotte’s post that started it all, but finding one that directly helps people understand some specific techniques while also explaining the why behind each action and decision is exceedingly hard. I’ll try my best to do so concisely here.

  • The creative process

  • Single element shapes with gradients

    Making basic shapes

    It’s easy to make CSS shapes with solid colors by using borders, but it’s more difficult to make them with gradient backgrounds. The main trick is to use pseudo elements and `overflow: hidden“ to cut out the desired shape. There are many more shapes that this technique could be applied to, include many listed here, but I didn’t include them for brevity. See them on CodePen.

  • undefined

    Most any time we go to a new place, we are looking to find activities to do. It could be anything from hiking to finding a trendy coffee shop. When I first came to study at the University of Georgia, I found myself in this situation, particularly in respect to finding activities for groups of people to do and activities to do on dates. Over time I came to know a lot of local places and activities, but it took a lot of talking to people and didn’t always come when I wanted it to. It would have been great to have a way to find out about all of those activities quicker and more easily.

    My sophomore year, I created a quick little prototype of an app to do just this. I called it Palm Date. It started as a project just so I could practice UI animations but turned into something I could actually use on dates to help us choose activities to do. A gif of how it worked is below.