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Zach Saucier's thoughts

Lessons learned from a dining hall

About business

  • Efficiency > exact precision for most things
  • Good interaction between co-workers is one of the most important things for employee retainment and satisfaction
  • Good interaction with clients is what is memorable to clients and makes employees stand out
  • Good product is necessary for client retention
  • Options (including availability) gets a bigger client base
  • There’s always a place for a good employee
  • It’s better to have (reasonably) too much than not enough
  • People get way more upset about unexpected loss than expected loss
  • Special events bring in some traffic but don’t affect long term growth very much
  • Focus on what your company is good at, including specific products
  • Clients hate things they see as necessary being taken away but will get over it if the product is still good
  • Making things look pretty is not of much concern, though it does play a factor
  • Group buy in helps immensely

About life

  • Meet people where they’re at
  • People love and bond over food
  • Be open minded at all times
  • People can be alone while being surrounded by people
  • It’s good, fun, and profitable to meet random people at times
  • Everyone has their own story and is awesome in some ways
  • Most everyone likes to have a good conversation
  • Diversity in choices is necessary to prevent burnout
  • There are times for big groups and times for small ones
  • Nothing beats a good home cooked meal