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Zach Saucier's thoughts

  • External link icons

    I was skimming Hacker News and read this article about microfeatures. This blog already had several of these features, but one I didn’t think about adding until I read the article is an icon to visually indicate external links. As you can tell, I added this feature to my blog!

  • Subsonic

    My pre-Subsonic era

    Remember the days when all the music you owned was on some hardware in your home (computer, iPod Shuffle, CD, etc.)? Before streaming was the norm every person had to be their own music curator.

    I never stopped doing that. I’ve always had music that was not on every streaming services: music from NewGrounds, music I made, custom edits of others’ music (mostly just cutting out sections of songs), or music that are only available on one streaming service. This made me never want to transition to streaming services as the primary way that I listened to my own music.

  • The AI Stanley Parable is coming

    The Stanley Parable

    Have you played The Stanley Parable? I highly recommend it if you haven’t.

    The Stanley Parable’s gameplay is simple. Most of the gameplay is just walking around, experiencing a somewhat dull office environment, and occasionally interacting with an object or two while a narrator (a non-playable character or NPC) narrates. The player repeats the “same” scenario again and again.

    However, depending on the player’s choices and overall state of the game, the scenario will likely change in some way. Variations can include the narrator saying something different, a new opportunity or decision being available, or a different ending.

  • 5 year anniversary party

    I’ve now been married to my lovely wife, Avery, for over 5 years! I’m so thankful for her and for our marriage.

    We decided to throw a party in celebration of this milestone with some of our friends at our apartment in NYC. We made it more unique using a theme + technology!

  • Blog refresh 2023

    I first created my blog in 2014. For the next ~10 years, it stayed the same, only adding new posts through 2017 when I lost the ability to easily make new posts (note: always save source files to the cloud). Its design held up surprisingly well!

    In the last ~1.5 years CSS-Tricks has basically died and Twitter has similarly taken a blow thanks to Elon. As a result, I have tech stuff that I want to explore and post about but not a great place to post it.

    Additionally, in the last ~6 months I’ve been using Svelte a lot more and I figured now’s a good time as any to rebuild my blog. I should probably redo my personal site sometime…

    In this post I’ll cover some of the key changes and cool new tech that I got to use in building this blog!